Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact

Related to the project papers

13 July 2009
  • Еconomic Approaches to Measuring the Performance AND Benefits of the Fundamenta Science by Steven W. Popper, October 1995 pdf.gif (1.25 MB)
  • ForeIntegra: Desk Research and Draft Drivers report pdf.gif (337.29 KB)
  • Impact Assessment Discussion Paper No. 5: Some Useful Methods for Measuring the
    Benefits of Social Science Research by Henry E. Kilpatrick, Jr., October 1998 pdf.gif (108.14 KB)
  • Options and Limits for Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of European RTD Programmes Prepared by an independent ETAN Expert Working Group for the European Commission, January 1999 pdf.gif (175.16 KB)
  • The Private and Social Returns to Research and Development, by Browyn H. Hall pdf.gif (3.94 MB)
  • Data and the measurement of R&D program impacts, by Brian P. Cozzarin, March 2008 pdf.gif (255.92 KB)
  • Impacts of Large-Scale Research Facilities- A Socio-Economic Analysis, August 2004 pdf.gif (3.58 MB)
  • RTD Evaluation Toolbox - Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of RTD-Policies, Strata Project HPV 1 CT 1999 - 00005, August 2002 pdf.gif (1.55 MB)