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27 July 2009 A+AA-

The project is structured into in five work packages (WP). WP1 on methodology development and WP2 dedicated to the Case Studies are designed to enable systematic exchange of information and good practices concerning the existing methodologies for S-E studies performance, enriching the input/output indicators, and adjusting the overall methodology to the needs of the project tasks. WP2 puts additionally a strong analytical emphasis on the development of specific case studies on particular RIs in each of the target regions in order to fine-tune the forthcoming activities. On the basis of WP1 and WP2, WP3 on Foresight, as the central work package, is designed to identify in a structured communication and decision-making process potential strategic activities incorporating Foresight techniques. WP1-WP3 will be accompanied by WP4 on Dissemination, which facilitates the internal and external communication (e.g. with ESFRI and the External Advisory Board - see Appendix 1) and public relations. Finally, WP5 assists all work packages through a pro-active project management.

Work package 1 Methodology

WP2: Case studies

WP3: Foresight

WP 4: Dissemination

WP 5: Management


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